A Year in Japan - Kate Williamson

This simple,short and an exquisite book captures observations, the lifestyles and culture of Japan.The beauty of this book is you can randomly open a page and Surprise!- you don't have to know the story preceding that page. Each page has a unique theme or watercolor with impeccable attention to detail. There are no page numbers. It is a travelogue done brilliantly with bright and evocative paintings with the text and pictures delicately balanced. Williamson captures the seasons, traditions and nuances of culture showing the reader a view that a travel guide can never offer.

Some of the Fascinating things about Japan - Did you know?
Backpacks - The grandparents gift the kids when the kids begin their elementary education. The bags are done so well that they last till they go to College
Sock Designs - With the custom of leaving the shoes when you enter someone's house, there are gazillion sock designs
Elegant Taxis - I loved, loved the concept of flower vases in Taxis. I want to visit Japan just for this!
Electric Rugs - The apartments contain rugs with electric cords for heating
Custom of Moon Viewing - Parties are held under cherry blossoms and on special platforms in aristocratic residences to gaze at the sky!!
Tofu Vendor-Vendors pushing carts come in the noon to sell Tofu.
Coming from India, I found there are a lot of similarities to how we live in India that made me semi-nostalgic, if that is even a word- Like the Tofu Vendor with a cowbell who comes everyday at 12:20PM to sell by the chunks, like leaving the shoes before you enter someone's house, the delicacies sold in decorated boxes and Banana leaves!
The font is cursive which was slightly difficult to read at times but it certainly added more character to the book itself.Overall, it was an enjoyable read.

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Sayantani said...

lovely review...let me check if its available in my library.

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