Save the Rainforests..

I have never been a "Green Person", but having a kid can make you an environmentally responsible person, I guess! You get a great sense of comfort and satisfaction by knowing that you contributed for a good cause, however, small it may be!Both me and my daughter are big fans of Tropicana Orange Juice.One day, I was going through the nutrition facts and the carton mentioned about saving rain forests by entering a 11 digit code.
Rainforests are named so because the areas have a high rainfall.There are two types of rainforests-Tropical and Temperate.Tropical Rainforests are mainly found in South America which we call-The Amazon,some parts of Africa and Southeast Asia.Temperate forests are found in places in N America,Europe and some parts of Australia.They can help control the weather worldwide.The forests are being destroyed because of climatic conditions and deforestation (Humans cutting away trees without realising the value). You can save about 100 sq ft for every can of Orange Juice that you drink.You can do it individually or form into teams with your friends!!

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